Resources Abound When You Look At The Right Places

Being a website that is dedicated to web design and other creative avenues we meet a lot of people. Some dull.... most not, but a lot of people who we find very interesting.. and why wouldn't we since they are using in the same field as us.

Most people do not understand web design, coding or other tech related things so it is nice to run into people who are speaking the same language so to speak.... ;-)

That is why it was awesome when we met Chris from Whack A Host. Yeah its a strange now, but it originally started out because Chris was getting tired of dealing with garbage web host companies and reading garbage reviews online. So he started his own web hosting review site that he only reviews hosting services that he uses.

We met him at a recent conference and had some great conversation! He being more of a marketer and us being more designers we had a lot of cool things to figure out and build off of.

This also builds up to us working together in the near future!

So stay tuned for our new project with Chris and check out when you get a chance!